Clash of Clans Suggestions: Healing Spell Clan Castle, and Freeze Spell





With that in your mind, many players might be searching for a few tips and tricks so that you can help them in becoming the finest player they can be.

Clan Castle




A clan castle will readily enable you to keep more troops which can be sent over from clan members to you, gain experience and loot, send troops to other clan members, and is readily defended using its high number of hit points.

To get this done, send one troop over there, and they will all come out for conflict. Send on over two or a wizard and throw some spells, and you have successfully conquered down it.

Healing Spell




The most effective place to make use of the healing spell is someplace where your troops will remain to get several seconds. Otherwise they will simply move from it, invalidating its goal and it will be squandered.

Freeze Spell




A freeze spell enables troops and defenses to freeze to get a brief period of time. When you are going up against powerful defensive buildings, like the Inferno Towers, this spell is most beneficial to use. This assist you in getting the better of your opponent and can keep your troops alive.



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