The greatest MASS DRAGON GUIDE for TH7 9

Clash of Clans Dragon

Clash of Clans Dragon

Mass Dragons do not need any dark elixir, and would be the most dependable 3 star military against TH8s and below. In spite of the energy of dragons, the expert on this find individuals neglect all of THE TIME together in clan wars. This innovative guide provides the finer points to help you to get results that are more predictable. Applying this guide I will be quite sure you’ll get these aims. We would like to thank bixbie of clash of clans hack for some of the tips and strategies in this tutorial.

Adversary TH7 TH8 TH9 TH10
Result (with Assurance Level)
Disclaimer: I do not have lots of experience assaulting or against, TH10s.

PART 1: Begin with Targets that are Realistic
Not all dragon assaults possess exactly the same aims. Clarify your goals. Your strategy will be influenced by your goal.
In trophy hunting or war, this is expected to be your aim on all challengers TH8 and below.
It might be wiser to formulate an agenda having a high chance of having 50% and the Town Hall.
There are much more foreseeable and more affordable militaries that could do it like archers and barbarians.
— Farming:

— War/ Trophy in clan castle: all dragons and also a dragon against Central Air Defenses.
Not generally needed against and below.
— Farming: 8 dragons as well as the remainder archers.

Why? The air defenses must be much outnumbered by the dragons for this technique to work. Xbows, air attacks’ wonder is you do not need to be concerned about mortars, giant bombs principles, or Xbows on earth. So do not combine air troops and ground troops unless the ground troop’s only purpose is to take an air defense out.


Three lightning spells trained correctly may be used to ruin most difficult or the highest level to achieve air defense. End of conversation! The best part about lightning is also you do not need to forecast the path of your troops and there isn’t any requirement for estimating the time of the drop.

1 2 3 4-6
3 5 6 Any
It takes a direct hit. The drop technique is discussed by me below.

Vs. TH9-10: Freeze Spell and Rage Spell
Yet, on 10 bases with 4 powerful defenses and bigger TH9, victory won’t be guaranteed by just killing one air defense. Freeze spells are the perfect way to neutralize multiple high level air defenses or an inferno found in the center. We are going to talk about using these.

The expert on this find healing spells are suggested by folks on the newsgroups. Additionally, remember that inferno towers block the effect of the healing spell.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Heal HP/second 50 66 83 100 116 133
DPS air defense 230
Note the heal numbers approximately equivalent the dps of couple of x bows or archer towers.

Heroes: In the event you would like 3 stars bring the most along too. Their damage on outer buildings could be used to route the dragons to the center.

COMPONENT 4: Deployment

Measure 1.

Which to zap?
The greatest level and most concentrated one. Usually opposite your strike side (see below).
— 2 stars or farming strategy: locate one that’s high level and focused, but in addition along the least route involving you and also your goal. Don’t zap a defense that’s out of range of approach path and your goal.

The best way to drop? Make sure lightening drop right for destruction that is total.
— tend not to pick the healing spell button yet to prevent inadvertently dropping.
— Triple tap of Air defense in middle. The facility means the center tile on the floor.
— there’s no need to wait for the very first spell to complete before dropping the next. Dragons are not fast so do not squander time.
— Ace Hint: It might be possible to create a time on your lightning spell drop together with the egress of the clan troops when you get great. You might be able to kill a few of them along the way if the clan castle is nearby. This takes luck and time.

Step 3: Choose a strategy quietly.
Pick a side. Now pick a side to assault from.

It’s going to take your dragons some time to burn through storages and the clan castle. An air defense behind them may have plenty of time to inflict damage if you have it.

(Non-) Measure 4: tend not to entice heroes or the clan troops! Why? Two motives: Dragons do splash damage plus they will not be encumbered by walls. Collectively this means, as a group, they are going to begin to roll on the clan troops.

Measure 5: 4.
Carrying this out may right will drastically alter the results of the raid reducing the probability of an “87% one star” result. Use your clan castle (which can have a dragon as well as other troops) and your heroes and maybe 1-2 other dragons. Drop them about the corners in which you want to attack from.
If you’re farming, make use of the corners to be taken out by the archers as opposed to dragons.

Measure 6: Dropping on Free Buildings) especially in a line (
Propagate the remainder of dragons in one spot – not all along that side! You do not want 5 dragons assaulting a building at once. Make the line denser, by adding two or more dragon, toward the center.
Subsequently drop the dragons in a brief line close to your target.

Ideally they will be used by you early – but just following the dragons are ended attacking the buildings that are complimentary. You would like as possible to rage as numerous dragons at the same time. That’s simplest to do when they’re still not all dead. Make sure you drop the rage spell over compact groups of buildings (no single buildings that are isolated) using the centre point *only somewhat ahead* of the dragon pack to increase the time they have been enraged. Don’t direct the dragons too much with the rage spell. They’re not fast. An excellent guideline would be to drop the lead dragon in the pack’s spell on the nose. You might consider saving a rage for the center because the TH and CC have lots of hit points.

MEASURE 8. Freeze Spells? Constantly try to freeze multiple defenses at the same time.

Appendix A:
Haul LevelAD level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 24 17 14 12 10 8 6.75 6
2 26 19 15 13 11 9 7.5 6.5
3 29 21 16 14 12 10 8.2 7.1
4 31 23 18 16 13 11 8.9 7.8

Appendix B: Inferno identification

Appendix C:

Appendix D: Dragon AIl

Precedence 1: enemy clan troops and heroes that are activated
Precedence 2: closest building, without favored building kind.

Range Strike: The strike is ranged so following a building is ruined without going, to the next closest construction, they can just rotate their course of fire. That is sometimes the explanation for “unforeseen routes” whines by dragon users.


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